To accelerate the mainstream adoption of NFT by providing an accessible and efficient launchpad and marketplace for fractionalized and serialized NFTs - we want to put a piece of gallery grade NFT in every Solana wallet.

What it does

By fractionalizing premium NFTs, we transform an otherwise illiquid NFT into highly tradable and liquid ownership tokens, providing buyers cheaper access to premium NFTs while at the same time creating a liquid and efficient marketplace for the original NFT owners to unwind and sell their NFTs into.

Serialization allows us to empower real world artists to enter the NFT space. By taking an original master copy artwork and creating limited versions of it in the form of serialized NFTs, we bring conventional art practices into the NFT space and bridge the gap between digital art and physical art, introducing NFT to the mainstream art audience.

How we built it

We are a highly resourceful team that fully utilizes the existing tools and protocols on Solana to create something new. LIQNFT synergizes across the product offerings of Serum, Wormhole and Metaplex and integrates it with our own serialization and fractionalization technology to create the next generation of cross-chain marketplace for fractionalized and serialized NFTs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've kept our heads down to ship product and hit milestones at an extraordinary rate:

  • Mainnet launch and first fractionalized vault 1 month after project launch
  • Serum marketplace 1.5 months after project launch
  • First serialized vault and commerce-driven metaverse 2 months after project launch
  • First fractionalized ETH NFT (via wormhole) on Solana 2.5 months after project launch
  • 6 fractional vaults, 2 serialized vaults and 4 Serum markets announced to date including Solana Monkey Business, Degen Ape, Thugbirdz, Pesky Penguin (ETH NFT), SolSteads, SolPunks and more
  • Interest from well-known angel investors, industry executives and thought leaders

What's next for LIQNFT

  • Fractionalized vault buy-out functionality
  • Native governance token yield and staking mechanism
  • Bridging with physical world through product serialization
  • Integrating NFT art with metaverse
  • And new fractionalized vaults are always coming!

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