We wanted to try some new technique while also sharing some love with the Snapchatters community as we are getting close to St Valentino's / Valentin'es day.

What it does

It's a digital gift to send a message to beloved ones.

How we built it

We wanted to make a liquid heart and VFX and Vertex Animation Textures seemed to be the right solution to achieve a smooth animated liquid without overloading the Lens with heavy realtime simulations.

We also used a shader to animated the veins that coat the golden amulet and make them look like a pulsating heart.

Challenges we ran into

VAT's rely on image resolution thus size limitations were present, though we compressed the normal map without any problem to give us room for space.

Accomplishments that we're proud of.

Liquids on a filter, that's all we have to say!

What we learned

VATs can have their normal maps compressed up to 95% and give us more space!

What's next for Liquid Love

We want to add the ability to for the user to input custom text.

Built With

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