What it does

Speak to your watch, and it'll play that song from what's currently playing. Like Alexa, on your watch. SPOTIFY ONLY

How it does it

  • Pebble smartwatch with mic (pebble time and beyond models)

  • Pebble speech to text using C

  • Pass from C to javascript handler by contacting yourself (PebbleJS/Webkit)

  • Ajax request to spotify endpoint, get API key using a curl request yourself since I didn't finish that yet

  • Spotify makes a new playlist called LipSync Defined if it doesn't exist, if it does exist delete all songs. Then, adds every song in library.

  • Ajax request to add song to playlist based on what you said

    • this way it always starts playing your song and then once it finishes it shuffles through your library
  • start playback of the lipsync playlist on your phone and setup is complete

Useful for runs!

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