Personal experiences with obtaining a job in the industry. The societal pressure to succeed is felt by everyone in our generation.This leads to what we categorize as "Internal Harassment" (ex: blaming yourself, self-abuse, self-doubt). An overlooked area when compared to "External" harassments, but nonetheless an important issue to discuss.

What it does

Provides a safe space with a small group of peers and a "counselor" . Lipht also takes a photo of you when you're feeling positive and is a reminder when you're feeling good for a later time when you're feeling under the weather.

How we built it

Incorporated Google's speech-to-text API, Google's Firebase backend, and Android's hardware camera API. Programmed in Java, in the Android Studio environment.

Challenges we ran into

Idea actually didn't come to us until 11am on sunday. 2 hours before the competition deadline.We scrapped what we were working on and started this. Not much hope, but yep, we did it. All API'S used was a first to the members, getting the code to compile was an issue but with dedication and motivation we came out on top.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

App compiles.

What we learned

Incorporating foreign API's are more native to us.

What's next for Lipht

Anonymity in the group chat. More filters for the positive camera.

Shout out to the Google dev that gave us guidance. Shout out to Nick from MajorLeagueHacking. You motivated us.

Built With

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