I have thought about this topic for a while considering how girls across the world generally do not pursue STEM subjects. This is a serious issue considering the factors that play into this fact. Girls often avoid this pathway due to fear of being scrutinized by the men in their workplace. Some girls aren't even allowed to take the chance to pursue this opportunity as well. This is a serious issue I have wanted to address for a long time.

What it does

The website I created Web.html was made to educate people on this severe issue and give them ideas on how to take action. I have linked several other sites that address this issue as well

How we built it

I built this by using images from Canva and placing them on website with the usage of css and html. I had to write a lot of code with css and html.

Challenges we ran into

I had an extremely hard time using css since I don't normally use html or css. I had an extremely hard with formatting the pictures and aligning the text with the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I was proud of being able to make an interactive website and being able to thoroughly express my thoughts on the issue of "Bridging the Gap".

What we learned

I learned a lot more about the history of women not pursuing STEM and what people are doing to ensure that changes. The situation in developing nations is especially alarming. Less than 13% of females make up the population of engineers.

What's next for LIONS: Bridge the Gap

I want LIONS to start a non-profit focused on funding the education of women within developing and underdeveloped nations.

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