The reason for building this product came from a problem I personally have in easily locating the valuable information my friends send me and easily being able to refer back to the links I send them. I speak to friends across all my social platforms - email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype. While chatting, I often send them links they'd find useful and they do the same. Searching for a link sent to me is a hassle, especially if I don't know on which platform I received it.

Our target user is the entrepreneur or anyone with a passion. This user has similar friends, who speak to each other about their work and frequently send each other helpful links.

Given we're a team of 3 with only 2 developers, we're seriously proud that since starting yesterday evening, we have a Chrome Extension and functioning site.

Jack has an awesome network of friends. They help each other out - he pings them things they’d find helpful - links to relevant news articles, events, application deadlines. And they do the same.

Mia sent Jack a link about a design service his company could use. A week later Jack wants to go back and check this out.

Did Mia send it via email, a Facebook message, a tweet, a post..? Jack has three choices: use the search function on each platform but without knowing the name of the design service, that doesn’t work well, scroll through his chat history scouring for the link, or ask Mia to resend it.

Linky’s simple and modest ambition is to save you those chunks of time - to help your day run that little bit smoother. With Linky you can use key words to search your shared links in one tap from any page. Too, as soon as you sign up, all the links that exist in your inboxes and profile pages across your multiple social platforms automatically appear, with beautiful simplicity on Easily see who keeps sending you useful information.

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