How many times have been to an event or a meetup where we wanted to connect with someone or simply talk and share thoughts or ideas but weren't able to connect? A lot of the times we just exchange business cards at events but don't really end up taking the time to connecting with them. Not everyone today carries a business card with them and even if they do, the information we get to share through business cards is very limited.

Our inspiration was to get rid of traditional business cards and making the connection process more seamless and user-friendly. The idea started from creating personal digital business cards for events to personalizing the profiles to their industry.

What it does

• Connect and share Linkup profiles with other users using NFC. Simply tap phones to share. • Discover talents within a crowd. • Personalize your 'digital business card'.

How we built it

• First, we validated our idea by conducting user interviews. All potential users we interviewed showed interest in our project. • Then, we brainstormed ideas on a whiteboard and moved to user flows and prototyping low-fidelity mockups.

  • We took the serverless approach: we use Firebase for user management and data persistence. We implemented our core business logic as Firebase's "Functions".

Challenges we ran into

• One of the challenges we ran into quite often was to come up with a concept that in some sense was practical for user perspective. • Getting real-time location to work • Optimize factorial scale computation complexity

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Intuitive user experience. • Clean User Interface design adhered to Google's material design guideline.

What we learned

• Importance of working together as a team to solve problems we face from brainstorming, designing, and prototyping. • Importance of user research in defining our target audience. • Serverless architecture significantly speeds up development.

What's next for LinkUp

We want to work on adding the NFC file sharing feature and test sharing cross-platform. Perform Natural-Language Processing for skills set and clustering analysis for skill set matching.

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