Though groups have attempted to transform the modern business card, still lack the simplicity possible through today’s technology. Paer is an iOS app that modernizes the current functionality of social networking through Bluetooth Low Energy Technology (BLET). BLET provides a cheaper and faster alternative to NFC, and essentially eliminates business cards by streamlining the process of networking. Users simply input their information, and then, when they would normally hand a person their business card, they can simply bump phones with the other person and their information is added as a contact into the phone. Due to efficient device recognition and data streaming through PubNub, we create the illusion that data is being transferred from device to device as the phones touch. In the near future, we will add support for instantly creating connections on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat. We are already halfway through integrating Twitter and LinkedIn.

Due to its efficiency and universal appeal, our target audience is anyone desiring to quickly share information with another person. 

Key Features

  • Instantaneous connection between two devices
  • Use of PubNub to send data between users in under .25 seconds
  • Smooth, clear design
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