Currently, there are many platforms that provide a bridge between freelancers and companies and employers with HR needs. However, these platforms still have many limitations that reduce efficiency such as:

  • With Freelancer: inappropriate salary mechanism, unfair competition, risk of salary fraud after completing work, loss of costs for intermediaries...
  • With recruiters: failed to assess the candidate's true capacity, lost many intermediary costs, and had difficulty in paying for the contract...

Our solution proposes to solve the problems that arise between Freelancer and employer that traditional HR platforms are facing. We recommend the project LINKS ICX,communication “Links to Earn” - First decentralized HR solution built on Icon blockchain.

What it does

Links ICX is the first decentralized work connection platform on the Icon blockchain. It means Links ICX is owned and controlled by its users and not by any other 3rd party. By cutting out unnecessary middlemen, Links ICX cost-effective for both Freelancer and employer compared to other traditional platforms.

Advantages of Links ICX The unique point of Links ICX is to provide a decentralized and completely user-controlled marketplace. Meanwhile, other traditional platforms such as Toptal, Upwork, Gigster, etc 20-40% of revenue that Freelancers create on the platform, and ownership is also concentrated on a few people and investors.

Links ICX does not receive the profits generated by Freelancer . This approach helps the project attract and retain talented, high-quality freelancers.

Besides, the decentralization of blockchain technology helps Links ICX Eliminate middlemen and keep incentives relevant. This will significantly reduce costs for customers who are organizations with recruitment needs and increase Freelancer's income on the platform.

In addition, thanks to blockchain technology, the platform Links ICX can ensure verified personnel records, transparent ownership and transactions, creating a platform to promote the development of Links ICX compared to other traditional platforms.

Algorithmic Reward Engine: Instead of wasting money on costly marketing campaigns, Links ICX reward users LICX token - the governance token of the network. Anyone can join and earn LICX by inviting clients (customers) and freelancers to trade on the network. Rewards are paid automatically based on contributions to the network.

Remuneration made easy :The issue of prompt payment of benefits, commitment and transparency is equally important, especially in the context of remote working.Links ICX allow users to use tokens LICX to make these processes easy.

What is LICX Token? LICX is the governance token of the platform. They power the entire decentralized ecosystem and incentivize stakeholders to grow the network.

Strategies for Freelancer's to attract Links ICX Links ICX Deployment of attraction model Freelancer token-based LICX. Strategy to attract talent of Links ICX driven mainly by referral programs. These referral programs are called Connectors, anyone can sign up, get a code and start adding their network to it. Links ICX. When the referred user conducts a transaction, the network Links ICX will pay programmatic rewards to Connectors as a percentage of the transactions or the total value of the services they generate.

Benefits of owning LICX tokens For employers when holding more LICX:

  • The fastest and earliest access to senior personnel
  • Get privileged offers, according to the platform hierarchy

For referrers who hold more LICX:

  • Become more senior partners in the network.
  • Get more advanced JobPosts provided by Links ICX so they can increase their income
  • Get access to exclusive items with great discounts
  • Get invited to special community and partner events.

For Freelancer when holding more LICX:

  • Get access to senior recruiters.
  • Top holders of LICX will have a chance to win weekly prizes.
  • Token value will increase over time on long term investment

How we built it

LICX is built using the ICON token standard.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of enough ICON documentation in the resources.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a demo of our solution.

Built With

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