In our current day to day life, social media has taken priority in a majority of our attention spans. We recognize an addiction that exists within society and how it limits users to their phones instead of engaging with their surroundings. We were inspired to create an environment in which allowed users to be sociable with their outside surroundings without enclosing them in the digital world.

What it does

Our app takes the essential features from major social media platforms (Facebook messaging and Instagram image gallery) to create a online space that reflects the relationship between people. We want to allow a space where memories are cherished and where people can connect after an initial get together. The app utilizes facial recognition technology as a gateway to access and interact within this platform. Only when a user is physically hanging out with another person(s), can they use the app to add one another.

How I built it

We split the roles evenly between 3 team members. We had a back-end developer work with Django and incorporate Face API, MySQL database from Microsoft Azure while our full-stack/front-end developer worked to develop our app in React Native. Our UX designer worked on the visuals and user flow simultaneously.

Challenges I ran into

On top of pivoting ideas MANY times, we had quite a few system challenges. The biggest challenges we ran into were connecting the database to our environment using Microsoft Azure. We also came across issues regarding OS permissions with our Android phone when trying to access the camera functionality.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of being able to implement Microsoft Azure and Face API as well as being able to resolve our issues and building a cross platform app in react-native with little or no experience.

What I learned

We learned about cloud deployment and database migration.

What's next for Linkr

Changing header colours to match our emotions as we communicate online with our friends (to build awareness in our and our peers' emotional states).

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