We saw how annoying it is sometimes when you want to save multiple tabs of different genres. Our project was built to compile (organize) websites that a user adds. We made 5 different folders which the user can add websites to. They can right click on a webpage and click on our custom context menu (called Linkpiler) and then "add to __" to add to a folder. They can also remove a website from a folder through the same way (hitting "remove from __"). Our options page can be accessed by hitting the settings button in the extension and also allows a user to add and remove links to folders. In the popup for the extension, the user can view and open their links; they can select specific ones to open from a folder, or hit open all to open all the links in that folder. In the future, we plan to make the extension more user changeable, so that the user can add their own folders. Unfortunately due to the time constraint and the complexity of the problem, we decided to go with pre-made folders.

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