During the opening keynote, the description of the inaccessibility of app pages intrigued our team. We realized that we wanted to selectively access the information in apps already installed by the user, and that the best way to do this was to take advantage of custom URL schemes.

Linklyy takes a specific use of an iOS app, and adds a shortcut to your home screen. For example, imagine that you're staying in Paris, and you don't have a prayer of successfully navigating to your hotel nor of even accurately remembering its name. With Linklyy, you can create a persistent google maps route from your current location (wherever it may be at the time) to your hotel. You can load up a specific spotify playlist each time you walk into the gym at the touch of a button, or jump straight to typing a text message to your favorite person. Linklyy reduces the number of clicks to perform these actions after the brief initial setup, which is guided.

Our target user is the person invested in their technology: the person with their calendar, contacts, to-do lists, reminders, and hobbies all represented on their home screen.

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