Not to long ago I closed my funded startup Scoreoid, it was a hard 3 years there was good and bad and I learnt a lot but Scoreoid didn’t make it. I would call it a "successful failure" more about this in a future post.

But after closing my startup (still in the official process) a couple of my good friends ended up closing their startups around the same time. Generally this is bad news but being friends we ended up sharing “war stories” and talking to each about our experiences.

This of course lead to us talking about working together and doing another startup. We all had a couple ideas but no one was sure about anything. We also wanted to validate different ideas and look for new ideas.

We ended up sending emails back and forth with links, videos, articles, research, even things about building a startup like the lean startup methodology.

It was ok at first but at some point we ended up having crazy email threads with feedback and different links, crazy amount of replies. Email’s all over the place and just trying to find a replies or something specific was such a pain.

Linkly Is Born This is how Linkly was born, I wanted a tool that I can use with my friends to share and discuss different startup ideas and it needs to be private about collaboration and based on links. Everything was about links.

Trying Everything Else While I had the idea for Linkly I tried out different service. I would save the links as bookmarks. I also tried Pinboard and number of different “link sharing services”.

However everything that I used or tired seemed to miss what was important in the first place, why I was sharing the links.

Other link sharing service had great features from comments on links, groups to a daily email digest. Everyone had to many features and everything was focused on sharing and creating big public groups for subscriptions and followers.

The Focus I want to share and collaborate around an idea with the people that are important to that idea and topic not a group of followers and subscribers. I want to share links with my co-founder about new startup ideas, with my team about our competitors, with my brother about best rock rock climbing technique videos. Everything on the go and in private focusing on the collaboration and discussion around the links. It’s not about sharing and having so many features but what’s important.

  • "To share and discuss ideas thru links."

The Core Links are at the core of the web and how we share content with our friends, family, co workers and pretty much everyone. At the same time links are the base of ideas, discussions and topics. This is exactly what Linkly is all about.

Almog Koren, Entrepreneur

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