Team Members

SudoKid (Emett Speer) - Backend NariWarp (Jenn Parker) - Design Sharkbound - Social API Research Staghouse (Eric Lakatos) - Frontend


Inspired by the awkwardness can that sometimes be massive Twitch bot commands and tell viewers to scroll down to read their profile to share social links

What it does

Allows streamers to authenticate in to an account that lets them link up social media services/links to be shown on a single hub pages with videos, server invites and more

How we built it

The backend if Python and Django with Nginx, the frontend is Node and Nuxt

Challenges we ran into

  • Figuring out data structures for API's along the way
  • Design hiccups from large screens and small screens
  • Undertaking of hooking in to authenticated API's

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Creating detailed original graphics under extreme time restraints
  • Coordinating with multiple team members to create a single cohesive application
  • The amount of hours dedicated to not sleeping
  • Getting as much done as we did

What we learned

  • CSS Background images are not fun for responsive scaling and stretching
  • Exporting SVG's are a pain in the butt with artboards
  • Vue has a problem rendering images within binds within template literal using stateful data
  • Setting aside the right amount of time for infrastructure

What's next for Linklabs

We are thinking of continuing this further by expanding the amount of services that can be connected, the options available for those services and possibly deeper integration than twitch

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