Idea here is to analyze the consumer behavior by sentimental analysis techniques for testing of ideas & validating product in pre launch and post launch stage. Based on the analysis of the consumer behavior, coming up with the advertising policies, preventive methods and sales/marketing strategy for the organization.

This idea is inspired when I seen there are so many products fails due to the numerous reason, but one important reason I have seen is organization many times fails to connect to potential customers.It is a huge loss and burden for the organization. The product life cycle process should go through 360 degree validation with customer.

My target user is customer who wants to know about their product in the customer perspective. Those who feel customer is god.

Key features I like are sentiment analysis of any customer(from twitter text search) with respect to sentiment moody provided by Google. Finally analysis of data with different tool like python, R tool etc.. Future I would like to add sentiment analysis also for Linkedin and Facebook.

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