The inspiration for the app was to streamline daily work and increase productivity. We faced the problem of moving many links from one issue to another. We were looking for a simple and quick way to solve this problem but to no avail. Hence the idea for Issue Link Manager.

What it does

The idea behind the application was that it is supposed to be a simple tool that will reduce repetitive activities when moving links. So that the context of what issues, which links, and to which target issues we want to move those links are not lost. The application can support all Jira users but we especially thought of support teams, product owners, analysts and testers.

How the application works in a few steps:

  • Select the issue from which you want to move links.
  • Go to Issue Link Manager.
  • Select the target issue.
  • Decide what should happen to the links.
  • Select the linked issues to move and confirm the operation.

How we built it

We built the Issue Link Manager with the support of:

  • Forge modules
  • React components
  • TypeScript
  • Atlaskit UI and custom UI

Challenges we ran into

We joined the hackathon a little late so we had to manage our time accordingly. Our first challenge was to draw and review the mockup. This allowed us to avoid misguided ideas and significant changes during development. We also scheduled periodic meetings so that nothing escaped our attention.

We also had a problem with granting permissions to the application. We spent a long while to find this information in the documentation, it was very tucked away and was hard to come across the first time.

We had a lot of problems with placing the pagination footer on the modal. We needed additional consultation and to implement a suitable mechanism that calculates the height of the modal and adjusts the footer margin. The problem was that the modal for high monitors started to increase in height from a fixed 720px to over 900 px. In addition, it was not possible to easily embed the footer always at the very bottom of the modal using the usual CSS attributes. More information you can find here.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud that we managed to deal with all the challenges, although it was hard at times, and we will be able to use the Issue Link Manager's functionality soon!

What we learned

This was our first experience with Forge and we hope it will not be the last :D

We learned how to use this platform from the technical side, how to build a project, and do deploy to a Jira instance. We learned that it is relatively easy, without your own server infrastructure, to put an application in the Jira ecosystem. We learned the difference between Custom UI and UI Kit.

We also took the first steps in editing a video promo.

What's next for Issue Link Manager

We want to first find out what users think of our idea and listen to their voices. In the future we want to add minor fixes to the UI, add more options in Actions, being able to select more issues.

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