One of the biggest frustration we have to deal with between our friend groups is scheduling a hang out. As well, it's difficult when everyone ends up being too busy to respond so communication becomes difficult. Especially with covid, it's difficult to plan accordingly while avoiding having too many people around you. This app aims to help deal with those issues.

What it does

With such busy schedules, it is difficult to plan when someone is available. With Linkedup, users are able to create and compare their schedules to find the perfect

How we built it

We used Google cloud to host our website under app engine. We decided to go along with Google cloud for two reasons. It had monitoring tools to diagnose and keep track of what's happening in your system, and it provides us with app engine. App engine allows us to scale our website if there's ever too much traffic or requires more resources without us having to manually do it.

Challenges we ran into

Most of us were fairly new to web development and the google cloud platform. Firebase was another challenge since we needed to understand how can we check if the user is logged in and account for certain edge cases. Documentation was a huge help in our project so it minimized some of the challenges we would've ran into.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Applying our domain name and hosting our site on google cloud are accomplishments we're proud of. It seemed intimidating at first but as we progressed in our development, we slowly understood it. This was our first time applying a domain name as well thanks to for offering us coupons.

What I learned

We have learned how to work together as a team efficiently throughout this hackathon. We helped each other grow and communicate to address our various ideas.

What's next for Linkedup

We plan to add a messaging feature that allows users to communicate with one another on the scheduling app for more efficient link ups. In addition, we plan to incorporate video calls as an alternative to the messaging as well as an event finder that uses Google Map API to find events near you.

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