Hi I’m Owen, I’m Derek, I’m Cole and I’m Matthew, and we are grade 12 students currently attending High School Humberside collegiate institute. We joined Hackathon because we thought it was a really good opportunity to get experience in coding, as well as get an opportunity to do what we love for possible prizes. Now let me ask you this.

Have you ever been searching on the internet for hours, for specific information to understand concepts, assignments or research for an essay? Remember getting frustrated because you couldn’t find what you wanted on the confusing and often overwhelming internet. Introducing LinkedLearning, a software program that will make everything you need to find much much easier. The goal of linked learning was to start with broad topics of studies for students such as subjects, like chemistry, computer science, or math. You can then select the subject in which you want to dig into an it will bring you on a pathway starting with broader topics regarding the topics, each page contains multiple links to websites that relate to they current subtopic you are on. Also will provide an option to move onto another subtopic. You can move down the path until you find websites for very specific concepts that you are trying to learn. Unfortunately our ICS knowledge is limited to Java and we worked hard in the 24 hours time limit but could not complete the entire program we originally set out to complete. But we believe we have a really good start, and a great future to this program. Let's take you through what we have right now. As you can see the program is still a work in progress, but it still can help with opportunities to learn and help students find some useful sources on a study topic. We are going to continue to work on this program and perfect it to the best of our abilities, and turn it into a fully functional learning resource and experience for students. We are considering turning it into an android app, that students can download on their phone and use whenever they’re struggling. This program is good for all ages and levels of studies, we have beginner resources, intermediate resources and advanced resources. We believe that this program soon to be an app would be very sustainable and would help students with their research in the modern world of technology.

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