Get Noticed. Get Notified. Get LinkBacc.

The Inspiration

“When I was applying for summer internships, I was interested in knowing if recruiters actually opened my GitHub. With multiple LinkBacc custom links, I could see when and where my link was open, all wrapped up in a simple email.” - Jacob Peddicord

“As a campus ambassador for a popular mobal app, I wanted to know the stats behind my referral link. By using LinkBacc custom links for each of my events, LinkBacc can help me know what events were most effective, as well as when and where my links were opened!” - Luke Bogus

The Overview

LinkBacc changes the way you get noticed—and notifies you when you are. Each LinkBacc custom link click tracks unique information and sends that information your email inbox in a brief, informative email.

The Details

Create custom links : Create custom links with your personal username, wordings, and categories of your choice

Get notified per click : Receive an email containing unique information for each link click

Worry less, know more : No more guessing or hoping a recruiter/client/customer opens your link—you’ll know

The Process

We utilized a culmination of technologies, most specifically Python and Django. To help us officially host the site, we also utilized the power of Heroku. And fun fact: our back end developer developed the entire platform all on his iPad Pro.

The Next Steps

We believe this is a product that could be used by thousands nationwide. With our narrow--yet robust--market space, we think we can really become the leader in the custom-link/click-tracking space. We plan on reimaging the front end design to promote reliability and readability and explore the amount of information we can harness per click to share with the user. In the future, we plan to explore browser extensions, customization options, and monetization routes.

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