To recommend activities that might be interesting to users according to their Big 5 personality results. And tells users who among their friends are likely to have the same interests. With each recommended activity, this app will list out all your friends who are compatible with your personality(likely to get along) and are having the similar interests.

What it does

Analyze personality, convert it to Myers Briggs equivalent. Recommend events from either Event Brite. Might add messaging feature for users(only if I have time to do it)

How I built it

Node and Express as back end and Angular as front end. Also uses postgreql and Oauth Passport for facebook login

Challenges I ran into

Definitely http requests. Also researches on personality type vs interests vs compatibility as a whole

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

Watson's Insight Personality API, Event Brite API

What's next for Link Up

Messaging feature for individuals or groups

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