We were inspired by our own personal experience. We often sat there with friends unsure of where to go, but the issue wasn't we couldn't decide, it's that we didn't know what was available. Hopefully that will all change with Link!

What it does

Link allows you to swipe throughout locations in Toronto mimicking a social media platform. Users can favorite locations, invite their friends if they find a location they really like, or just continue going through the seemingly endless fun locations found throughout Toronto! Users can also navigate through their previous trips if they feel like returning back to where they once went.

How we built it

We built this application originally by carefully designing a clean FIGMA design. After creating a design we thought was the most appealing we began converting this into React native using html, css, and javscript.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge we ran into was a conflict of ideas. Although only a group of two we often had moments where we didn't agree, but this was resolved through carefully deciding what the mots optimal way to proceed.

What's next for Link

From here, the next goal for Link is to spread throughout locations further then Toronto,, and expand by providing locations based on user locations and a certain mile radius. Also having user feedback, to ensure accurate and relevant data of locations at all times.

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