I want to create a system on the blockchain that visualizes a 'humanity score'.

What it does

Dynamic NFT that utilizes Chainlink VRF, Chainlink Functions, and Chainlink Automation. It leverages the Gitcoin Passport's humanity score to show an android's transformation into a human within the NFT.

How we built it

Dynamic NFT State


  • The humanity score affects the growth of the android.
  • The random seed value affects accessories like hats and eyeglasses.

Unity for Dynamic NFT


  • Dynamic NFTs are rendered using Unity and WebGL.
  • Unity fetches data from The Graph and updates the state dynamically.
  • The web app and Opensea display the same Unity dynamic NFT using an iframe.

Data Integration Diagram


  • Gitcoin Passport as a source for humanity scores.
  • Chainlink Functions for integrating humanity scores into NFT smart contracts.
  • Chainlink Automation to automate the data fetching process.
  • Chainlink VRF for generating random seed values.
  • The Graph for data aggregation purposes.
  • ENS for managing identity data, such as names and avatars.

Chainlink Integration

The details of Chainlink integration are maintained here.

Avalanche Integration

The dynamic NFT is deployed Avalanche C-Chain Fuji Testnet.

Opensea supports Avalanche C-Chain Fuji Testnet and the asset page is here.

The Graph Integration

The Graph is used in a Unity C# script for data aggregation.

The following subgraphs are integrated.

ENS Integration


  • The ENS name is fetched by The Graph and displayed in the dynamic NFT.
  • The ENS avatar is fetched by Rainbow Kit SDK.

Challenges we ran into

Using some of the Chainlink modules was a new experience for me, so it took time to learn how to use them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I have implemented Chainlink Functions, Chainlink VRF, and Chainlink Automation, and have also demonstrated a working dynamic NFT.

What we learned

  • Relevant Chainlink modules
  • Unity Development
  • The Graph Integration

What's next for Link: Become Human

  • Add more accessory for random ness
  • Make it production

Built With

  • avalanche
  • chainlink
  • ens
  • thegraph
  • unity
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