What it does

Forge app for JIRA ticket descriptions' linguistic information. This can be used as a base for any NLP related tasks that other developers would like to build for JIRA analytics. This app will provide- Lemmatization, PoS, and Parsing for various linguistic analysis in several languages: morphosyntactic analysis, PoS (Part of Speech) tagging, and lemmatization.

Even though it is simple in name, it contains a myriad of functionalities derived from the complete morphosyntactic and semantic analysis it carries out. Through this app, one will be able to carry out some of the most used tasks in linguistic applications, all of the different aspects of the morphosyntactic and semantic analysis:

  1. Syntactic analysis: obtains a thorough syntactic analysis, giving a complete syntactic tree where the leaves represent the most basic elements and their morphological and semantic analyses.
  2. Lemmatization: obtains the lemmas of the different words in a text.
  3. PoS tagging: obtains not only the grammatical category of a word but also all the possible grammatical categories in which a word of each specific PoS type can be classified (check the tagset associated). In the cases it applies, the morphological analysis will be related to semantic analysis.

How I built it

Using Forge-UI and Forge-APIs.

Challenges I ran into

Getting started with Forge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A working app.

What I learned

Forge. About Atlassian developer products.

What's next for Linguistics information for JIRA

Better visualization of information rather than JSON response. Similar app for Confluence.

Built With

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