We want people who are not very fluent in a language to be able to match with people who are comfortable in that language in a learning environment. Initially the plan was to make an app that made users take turns teaching each other their languages, but the double coincidence of wants was too unlikely to create a very fulfilling experience without a large user base.

How it works

Users register as either student or instructor, then we match a student with an available instructor who is willing to teach that language in an audio chat for the language that they choose using the Moxtra API's Meet module.

Challenges we ran into

We had some trouble choosing the right technologies initially. We started off using PostgreSQL, and we had problems getting our database going, so we switched to MongoDB. We just made sure that the database and API were fully capable of addressing the needs of our app, and after that it was just a matter of learning to integrate all the technologies together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We were very happy that we were able to mold our database to our needs and make queries comfortably.
  • We were also surprised at how much each of us was willing to stay up to make sure we achieved major milestones before taking breaks.

What we learned

The structure of web development using Python with databases to store additional information was completely new to us, so we enjoyed the learning curve that the technologies presented to us.

What's next for

  • We want to use a more sophisticated matchmaking algorithm for a better teaching/learning experience.
  • We want to offer more support to instructors and give them more incentive to teach (and to do a good job!) with a donate button and leaderboards.
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