I wanted to be able to understand my friends when they spoke in Spanish. Native speakers in any language use a lot of slang that would not be learned in my language learning applications. Through music, we are able to achieve a better understanding of actual conversational Spanish or any other language.

What it does

Conceptually, we would use Spotify to link songs to our web application and present real-time translation to the user. Additionally, at the end of the lesson that presents several songs, we would prompt the user to take an AI generated test. The test would range in difficulty based on repetition and the progression of the user.

How we built it

We first started building the backend of the website using python and making database for our songs. We used the Spotify API to display the current song, the details of the songs, the next ones in the queue. We wrapped our work in order for it to seamlessly work together.

Challenges we ran into

Optimization and runtime. We also didn't have ample time to one, combine our backend and frontend work effectively. We also needed more time to optimize the UI of the website and make it fully functional.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a lot and we're boggled down with a lot of struggles. However, we pushed through and are currently cultivating a project that we are very proud of and want to continue working on.

What we learned

We learning how to use Git, how to make a JSON File, how to embed files, how to work a public API.

What's next for LinguaBeats

Finish the backend and frontend integration, update the UI of the website and eventually take the web application to a functioning apple and android compatible app. We also want it to work for more languages other than just Spanish to English and English to Spanish as the objective is to make it a fully functional language learning app.

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