For almost 224 million immigrants around the world, the language barrier is the number one challenge, making education, obtaining medical care and finding housing nearly impossible. A common issue we recognize is communication difficulties that exist due to language barriers and societal differences. Such language barriers exist between the generations of families who emigrate away. Lingua Franca strives to bridge this gap between language barriers, providing the platform to educate and connect.

What it does

Lingua Franca’s mission is to bridge language gaps for marginalized communities through providing a safe, inclusive platform for connection and resources. Our platform provides a space for community discussion and questions, driven by both immigrants and volunteers working to update our bank of resources and answer new queries.

How we built it

Our frontend was developed using React and the backend using Flask. We also incorporated SQLite to provide users with a secure authentication system and the ability to save, edit, and delete their posts on our forums.

Challenges we ran into

The integration of React and Flask proved quite a challenge for our team, but regardless we still managed to create a working product through the difficulties.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our ability to work as a team at a distance was a key factor in our team's successes this weekend. We arranged meetings as well as our own discord server to constantly provide updates and share resources to one another, allowing for effective teamwork even with different timezones.

What we learned

We learned not only how to use new technologies, but the importance of reaching out for help and admitting you are having trouble. This humility helped our team overcome many problems and face them together instead of having team members struggling in isolation.

What's next for Lingua Franca

We definitely want to continue building this project out into the future, and our next steps will be to link our frontend and backend together more successfully than they currently are.

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