Winner of "People's Choice Award" at Grace Hopper Academy Hackathon


We were inspired by the potential of Clarifai's image tagging technology and by the gamified learning of Duolingo's mobile app.

What it does

The app generates vocabulary flash cards based on an image. The user takes a picture using their IPhone's native camera and Clarifai's image tagging software provides a list potential tags / vocabulary words for the image. We translate these tags into another language and ask the user to select the vocabulary words they want to study. The app generates a deck of flashcards saved in the phone's local storage that the user can access later. This allows the user to study their target language based on things that they have seen in real life, adding relevance and building connections.

How we built it

We built this app using the Ionic.js framework.

Challenges we ran into

The current storage that we are using is not as persistent as we would like it to be. Local storage for our app may be cleared if the phone needs more space, meaning that the flashcard deck would disappear. We would also like to find an efficient way to store images with the flashcards.

What's next for LingoTag

Our immediate goals are to resolve the storage issues and improve the styling of the app. We would also like to add options for the user to log in and track their progress, and ultimately deploy it to the app store!

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