COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in different aspects: we had to limit our social lives, change our habits for a bunch of time, be separated from our cultural life. As four linguists and volunteers of social cohesion, this COVID-19 had limited our opportunities to learn more languages, experience about different cultures and meet new friends all around the world. We believed that we will achieve our fight with this virus in all aspects, including the cultural and educational basis for foreign language learners. We proposed a solution that enables us to create a language learning environment meeting voluntarily L1 speakers with passionate learners, and when we heard about The Global Hack, we decided to hack the virus with our solution!

What it does

HemDem is an app-based language learning and teaching app which you can make "language pals". It leans on the idea that language learning is a complex process that includes culture exchanging, trying to express your ideas and thoughts and excitement.
In our app, there are two major groups of users: Learners and Volunteers.
Volunteers are required to know their claimed languages proficiently or as a native speaker, learners only need excitement and passion to learn more.
After registration and verification progress, every learner is paired with a volunteer in accordance with the given data by users such as the ability to spend time, common interests and cultural cohesion. These data are also used for gamification-based teaching yield assessment processes and setting the motivation checkpoints for learners.
By the pairing is done by our algorithm, volunteers will lead and help learners in their journey of learning languages for sustainable learning rather than an assigned teacher. (Because, we believe in collaboration in language learning) For example the assigned volunteer will read a particle of novel together to help the learner in learning new words, inspire about their contextal usages while having a online chit-chat, or give grammatical clues how to write a blog post about skyscrapers!
Because HemDem additionally concerns about learning new cultures and meeting new people as much as possible, it is free to change the assigned volunteer every session of learning.

Major advantages of HemDem as a language learning app:
-Makes language learning reachable for everyone (it's free) and enjoyable
-Creates an environment which experienced individuals (volunteers) will exchange their knowledge with learner ones
-Encourages the soliditary between all countries by voluntarily teachers and excited learners
-Enables to learn efficently by peer learning and meeting new people
-During these days while we are totally settled in our homes, it enables to learn by real-time learning
-Strengthens the social cohesion between people
-Reduces the risk of social problems due to pandemic such as anxiety, physiological problems, it enables you to make lingual friends which you can talk your problems with!

How we built it

We are mainly building HemDem with Android Studio, Python and Kotlin.

Challenges we ran into

We are looking forward to face every challenge during our developing process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

You can access some of them via

What we learned

What's next for HemDem

Creating it in daily life usage!

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