The inspiration for this project came from how many refugees face language barriers when they are displaced in a foreign country and Google translate and other applications are not always effective.

The language barrier that they face when they flee to another country was alarming. Hence, we came up with an idea to tear down the rigid walls of language barriers to find a suitable and sustainable solution.

The idea behind this application is; volunteers across the world will participate in live calls, upon request by the user, to provide translation / interpretation for the “medical jargon” that they are unable to understand.

What it does

“Lingoo” is an application which connects the user with a live volunteer who acts as a live interpreter.

Challenges we ran into

While we built the general framework for the application, we were unable to implement an SQL database to add full functionality. However, as we have built the general framework, this remainder of the project would be easily accomplished as the work would be very straightforward.

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