We want to feel more connected with the rest of the world by talking with more people. To achieve that we want to learn new languages and brush up on old ones to a degree where we can effectively express ourselves to non-english speaking people.

However, when we’re not at our day jobs we’re usually at events like these. We simply don’t have the time to improve our command of other languages with third party apps, we would to make a financial investment in a formal program. But after a basic understanding of the language (living in an english speaking country) it would be difficult for us to get the kind of practice we need to continually express ourselves comfortably.

But we are constantly surrounded by communication, it just happens to be in a language which we’re most comfortable with. What if we could compliment the formal courses with partially translated versions of our existing emails, text messages and social media?

How it works

Lingo inline currently works by sitting on top of your existing communication platforms and supplements your existing native language communications with target language translations of key words and phrases you want to become more familiar with.

Challenges I ran into

Today consumers have more than 3 devices they maybe interacting with (tablet, computer, phones, smart watches) throughout the day. Building a product with common backend and synchronization across multiple devices is the challenge i ran into.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

i build it out. Committed more than 1000 lines of code :)

What I learned

Technically - Outlook is an open platform.

What's next for lingo inline

We want to expand our efforts to help people enhance their ability to understand and communicate in different languages through their everyday consumption of content. This would involve moving to other communication platforms and social media. We would also like to see a dedicated app to help people learn while consuming engaging, culturally-relevant foreign content to learn their new language.

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