Intended Audience?

Language learners.

What is it?

Lingo is a truly sophisticated, augmented reality, language learning game. Using the Moverio Smart Glasses, a user will be able to learn a language without the need for expensive tutors, arduous courses, or boring activities. Lingo specifically teaches the user grammar rules for their target language using augmented reality and simple playing cards.

How it works?

Using Lingo is simple. First, the user prints a digital pack of language cards (Lingo Cards) from the Lingo website. Each card contains a unique QR Code that the smart glasses will read and interpret, as well as a word printed in the user’s target language. After printing the cards and cutting them out, the user will be ready to start learning. The user learns by playing simple, fun, interactive games that are directed by the application. The software will contain several different mini-games that test the user’s skill while simultaneously teaching them and correcting their mistakes.


Lingo Create!

Lingo Create sees the user attempting to create a sentence as quickly as possible for the highest possible score. Lingo will display a sentence in the user’s native language and the user must find the correct words to create the sentence. Card placement order is important and will be graded.

Lingo Swipe!

Lingo Swipe sees the player placing a row of cards down for Lingo to read. Lingo will then instruct the player to swipe away a certain word. Better be quick about it!

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