Over the last few months, countless studies have proven that language remains a barrier to equitable healthcare access across the world -- with COVID-19 taking the world by storm, many have found that access to accurate public health information is of the utmost importance and yet, an immense language barrier still stands in their way. In fact, it has specifically been reported that many non-English speaking localities in the United States have been more affected by the pandemic compared to their nearby English speaking localities and the reason for this is oftentimes because these regions lack access to information about safety precautions in languages they understand best. My project, LingMed Translator, attempts to address this issue by offering links to key public health resources in different languages. Although only three languages are represented as of now -- English, Spanish, and Gujarati -- we hope to include more languages moving forward and also to embed APIs that are more encompassing of different languages and perhaps even more recent news. I have limited experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript prior to completing this challenge and making this program. I’m excited to include more features moving forward including again, different languages, and also options for interaction on the website itself.

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