This is an app idea by my wife for the InnoSpring hackathon. She called it LingJing - Zero Border - and said she wanted a fun app for putting people in front of famous backgrounds with just hand gestures on Google Glass. Lately, communication apps that let you have fun communicating with your friends and family are very popular with her and the market in general, so this is a fun addition!

To start the app, tap on your Google Glass to wake it up, say "OK Glass" then "LingJing." The display will show the camera preview with centering marks. Take a picture by tapping the Google Glass. Next a famous background will show up and a paint brush. Swipe your hand up and down in front of the camera to paint the previous picture into this one. Swipe left and right on the touchpad to make the painted area wider. Swipe your hand left or right in front of the camera to change famous backgrounds.

Have fun and thanks for checking out our app!

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