As a girl who love shopping, the worst experience is waiting in a long line in front of fitting room. Each time when I went to some store and see a long line, I usually gave up. I know online shopping is becoming more popular than before but before I decided to buy it, I still want to try it on in a real fitting room. The economic is developing quickly but the many equipments and social devices are not friendly to women.

What it does

Linexpress is a fitting room queue mobile application. This application is simple but good to use. The first interface is a map, the app will find your location automatically and also users can search the store on the search bar. Then users can pick the store and start to queue on this app. When there are less than 5 person in front of the user, the user will receive notification, then the user can come to the fitting room. They don't need to standing in line and save more time to shopping not waiting.

How we built it

One member is responsible for designing the interface and interaction, then the other member works on developing.

Challenges we ran into

We are novice, it is our first time to use Android Studio and MIT-app-inventor, the challenges are we can't import the design file to the Android Studio directly and we met some coding challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We use other software to make a mockup one, although it is not a real one, it can show our ideas and the basic interaction of this app.

What we learned

Android Studio and MIT-app-inventor and cooperation and teamwork!

What's next for Linexpress

We talked it and considering to use swift to develop it in the future.

Built With

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