Being a student is hard, you have to take care of a lot of stuff, especially assignment deadlines and for that, you cannot afford to waste your time because time is money and you don't want to waste money by standing and waiting in a line just to meet an advisor or even a teacher. So to save time we came up with the idea of the virtual lineup application which will save time not only for students but later for the people who go to hospitals, clinics, etc as it is scalable

What it does

It basically saves time in a way, For example, if a user (ie. Student) has to meet an advisor. He does not have to stand in line and waste his time. He would just go to an advisor meeting option in our app, check the waiting time of the queue and get in line virtually by inserting his credentials as a student like a student number, phone number, etc. He doesn't have to stand and wait in line until the professor's available. Instead, our app will generate a message a few minutes before the appointment, notifying the user to head towards it.

How we built it

To start off, we used Invision to create a sketch prototype, followed by utilizing Adobe XD to create a prototype that mimicked how the actual app will look like including the interactions it will have. To build the app, we used Android Studio which composed of the user interface component created with XML, and the backend portion created using Java, specifically utilizing the Fragment API. There is still a lot to be done to finalize this app and some other features are definitely hoping to be added. Some additional features may include location, RSSFeed, etc.

Challenges we ran into

In order to enhance the user's experience, we have to spend a considerable amount of time coming up with a user interface that will not only be easy to use but also functional. A pivotal challenge that we ran into was connecting the front end interface to the backend of the system, for instance, users creating an account on the front end and that information gets transferred and saved into a database in the backend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are incredibly proud of the fact that our group composed of individuals that were each participating in their first hackathon had come together to create a user interface that portrayed our idea, and that has the potential to solve a critical, common problem. We completed our documentation using the version control system GITHUB following agile methodology, made new friends and formed precious connections (ie. Facebook engineers, T4G Panel, National bank, Bounce, and even The Sweater Guys although we didn't get a hoodie). In short, sometimes it's not about winning or losing but it's about learning.

What we learned

From the project:

  • Team Management
  • Break up a problem and organize a solution

What's next for LineUp

This is just the beginning and it's yet to be a finished product. A lot of work still has to be done in order to not only improve its functionality, but it's benefit.

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