• Youth baseball managing and addressing the challenge of building a lineup with up to 12 hitters.
  • Finding the best possible lineup is a general need on all levels of baseball

What it does

  • Optimizes a batting lineup based on the needed amount of hitters and the length of the game in innings.
  • User inputs hitters name and OBP for all hitters that need to bat.
  • Outputs ideal lineup based on above factors that the manager can transfer directly to the game (whether it be Gamechanger App or other)

How we built it

  • Website built in HTML and JS

Challenges we ran into

  • Eliminating other good ideas
  • Building the framework for the website within the time constraint
  • Data selection and identifying which statistics to consider when optimizing the lineup
  • How simplified to make the first version and whether or not to focus it on the “MLB” set of rules or one that can be used for different levels, and variations, of the game.
  • Creating a function(s) based on simplified outcome states for batter and runners

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Built a prototype for managers, specifically in youth leagues, who need help determining their lineups.

What we learned

  • How to do a baseball hack day

What's next for Lineup Optimizer

  • Incorporating additional statistics (Average, SLG, ISO, wOBA) that could influence the optimal lineups, along with algorithm improvements such as utilizing runs expected based on runners and outs (RE24).
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