Most of us know the all-too-familiar feeling of hunting for a Zoom meeting link before it starts, especially when you're running late. For some of us with many Zoom meetings from various sources, they can clutter your calendar and email boxes, making it hard to find the links when you need them immediately. Lineup gives you a peace of mind by helping you manage your work day in one place, and get reminded of upcoming meetings and when you're running late for them.

What it does

Lineup is a menu bar app that helps you stay on top of all your upcoming Zoom meetings, without having to go to your calendar. Join Zoom meetings straight from your menu bar, see what's coming up across all your calendars, and get notifications for events.

How we built it

Electron, Typescript, IMAP client

Challenges we ran into

Finding a suitable IMAP client module for node.js

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting it up and working!

What we learned

Building this on Electron and using IMAP client modules

What's next for LineUp

Slack integration to ping Zoom meeting organizers, sending reminders for upcoming meetings, as well as reminders when you're running late for a call

Built With

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