Always wanted to try out Arduino robot, thus decided to pick up this challenge set by J.P. Morgan.

What it does

The robot has few sensors which are used to follow the "track" which is basically a black line throughout many duck-taped sheets of paper and dealing with various difficulties like dead ends or part of path missing in order to reach the finish.

Challenges we ran into

Learning to use the robot and upload code to it was probably the biggest challenges of all because there are not many guides and examples of how to do so and docs sometimes could be a bit more extensive/helpful. Another challenge was getting out of big loops in the traffic as this robot has really small memory capacity, thus cannot remember that he already was in a particular path and that it is actually spinning around. In order to override this problem, we had to include some randomness to the robot which resolved this problem (eventually), but made robot's line-tracking a bit poorer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that our robot actually manages to go through nearly all difficulties in the track and most of the time does so without loosing the right path and doing something which is not sensible.

What we learned

We enhanced our C skills and, of course, learned to use Arduino Robot.

Built With

  • arduino-robot
  • c
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