Although most countries are in quarantine amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people still need to go out of their homes and buy groceries. Sometimes grocery stores can become overwhelmed with an influx of people and have to start lineups outside, creating higher infection risks for both customers and employees. We wanted to find a way to help people plan their grocery trips and minimize their waiting times.

What it does

Line Jumper uses crowdsourced data to determine the average wait time for specific grocery stores. It also allows users to find a grocery store's contact information and to leave their own input on their shopping experience.

How we built it

Line Jumper is created using the Flutter SDK and the Dart programming language. This allows it to be a cross-platform application for both Android and iOS.

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult finding existing data on grocery store lineups. So instead, we decided to use crowdsourcing, since it's more accessible than relying on companies to provide this information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really happy with the user flow that we created – it's straightforward and easy-to-use. For example, Line Jumper presents the user's recently visited store at the top of its homepage so the user can access the grocer they visit frequently.

What we learned

We learned that it was hard to find the necessary datasets or APIs for our use case. Since most datasets we found were static, it was difficult to search for real-time data regarding the waiting times and store information during the pandemic. Fortunately, we realized that data doesn't have to come as static datasets, but instead as crowdsourced data where members of the community would work together to inform one another.

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