What it does

follows a black tape line on a table successfully and fast.

How I built it

  • designed PCB in trax maker (later on went on to learn EAGLE)
  • uses 2 photo transistor circuits + 1 LED on left and right of LED to detect if on black tape or not and if partially not which side of tape is the bot off of tape on.
  • 2 motors running direct off of the micro controller for movement
  • uses a PIC 12f675 microcontroller as the brain of the project

Programmed using

Programmed in basic using PICbasic pro

Challenges I ran into

I lost a part of the project I couldn't get a hold of until the due date, so I made sure to troubleshoot and make sure it functions perfectly before the due date to ensure successful operation. As soon as part was available to me I was able to get the robot functioning in under 30 minutes.

What's next for Line Follower robot

going on a shelf in my room to display the progress I have made in robotic design, circuitry and programming over the years

Built With

  • eagle-cad
  • soldering
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