Dartmouth students love KAF (King Arthur Flour) It is the one place where students can get quality coffee during their busy school hours. However, KAF at the Baker-Berry library is infamous for its long lines, easily extending beyond the entrance making students wait 20~30minutes for a cup of joe. That's why we built so that students can be aware of the length of the queue at KAF at any point in time. Now students can easily check the queue to avoid long lines at KAF and exploit times when the line is short. It saves time for students and improves customer experience to benefit the business as well.

What it does

Sensors installed at KAF measure the length of the queue and continuously updates the website,, where students can check the length of the queue.

How we built it

We used Arduino Ultrasonic Sensors to detect the length of the line. The data is preprocessed in Python then uploaded onto a MongoDB where our website, built on Meteor, Ruby, and Javascript can access the the DB in real time and display the length of the line in easy to understand format .

Challenges we ran into

The sensitivity of the sensors was less than we hoped for but we were able to create an algorithm to overcome the noisiness of the data. We hope to improve the stability of our system with better, more stable sensors in the near future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Teamwork. We didn't have experience with Arduino before but we were able to figure out how to use it as a team. We were able to each focus on parts of the project that we are good at to save time as well as learn from each other on what they do best.

What we learned

We learned that the Hackathon is a great place to do great projects, meet and learn from new people.

What's next for Line at KAF

We are excited to purchase better, stable sensors and design a more aesthetically pleasing website so that Dartmouth students can make daily use of our service.

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