What is LineAR all about?

Lots of people find standing in line a boring and mundane act. People often find themselves on their phones, disengaged from the world around them. However, with our product we can use the phone as a gateway between ordinary people and the story behind an attraction. Whether it be a museum, an aquarium, or in our case, a fictional Alice in Wonderland amusement park attraction, our platform allows artists, architects, companies and everything in-between to share their insight into the narrative behind their creation.

How does LineAR work?

LineAR is a portmanteau of "line" (the typical location of usage) and "AR" (Augmented Reality, the technology the product is centered around). We utilize the amazing technology in our phones to allow users to visualize a story in their phone as they progress through the line. Creators have full freedom to showcase whatever they feel fits their needs, and users have the convenience of only having to scan a QR code. In addition to the visually appealing and responsive UX design on the user side, we have also created a simple application for creators to very easily generate QR codes to place in line.

How we built LineAR

LineAR is almost fully client side, with most of the code written in ReactJS. The creator app is currently available for iOS devices, and was built with SwiftUI.

Where is LineAR headed?

As mentioned above, we would like to further generalize the product to reach more creators. We want to make it as easy as possible for someone to set up a personalized AR tour for customers standing in line.

Teachers can also bring the AR experience to their classroom with LineAR by using stations to direct students from scene to scene. Since the environment creation for LineAR is very easy to learn, it it would be a very accessible option for teachers to provide an interactive experience with technology.

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