This incredible challenge inspired us to push our boundaries using the knowledge we have acquired through the years and create LINDA

WHAT IT DOES: Linda helps people manage their medical therapy and predict clinical worsening in a non-invasive manner.

HOW WE BUILT IT: We built it by thinking about the underlying adherence problems and by coming up with effective solutions that could be used by patients of all ages.

CHALLENGES WE RUN INTO: The main challenge was creating simple and easy to use features for the management of a complex and multifaceted medical issue without compromising too much on functionality.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS WE ARE PROUD OF: One of the hardest things was choosing an initial direction for our project using the most solid and realiable scientific information available. It was a humbling experience but also an inspiring one: we understood that to accomplish something we had to start from the big picture, study and work hard to reach a specific issue that people absolutely needed to be solved. We are proud of this journey.

WHAT WE LEARNED: We learned that effective teamwork can stem from a balance of friendship, drive and common vision. Creating an effective and honest team environment was the key that brought us to a productive and positive path.

WHAT'S NEXT FOR LINDA: Linda is much more than a simple assistance tool for chronic heart failure patients: she can be the engine for many innovative ideas and breakthroughs obtained through advanced data analysis.

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