We wanted to build a fancy IOT device with the intent of having information within reach and at the click of a button. Our product can be used as a professional desktop showpiece as well as a fireside mantelpiece.

What it does

This Particle powered IoT device aims to bring the bring the things of maximum importance, right to your fingertips. From time, date and weather reports to stock prices and bank account activity, can all be found right at the user's eye level.

How we built it

We built it using Particle Photon as the hub of IoT. The backend service to fulfill the user requests via a Node server. We have used CapitalOne API to make banking data available. YahooWeather and YahooFinance API's have been used to service the requests too.

Challenges we ran into

Interacting with Particle was a huge impedance to overcome. APIs designed to connect Particle to server were not well documented and neither were discussed in a lot of community pages.

Also, packaging the product without right industrial equipment was a huge pain. We struggled to keep the complexity of the hardware away while at the same time working to improve its beauty.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first time working on an IoT device. We actually made it work.

What's next for Limitless WildWood : IoT at your tips

Better packaging, More functionality, Wider reach

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