Many college campuses have dangerous drinking culture that can lead young and unexperienced drinkers into the possibility of the overdose. At Whack 2017, We created a mobile application dubbed ////Limit//////.

What it does

The objectives of Limit is to learn a user's alcohol tolerance and contact a family member or friend if the user's BAC is calculated to be harmfully high and send a text message to that prefered contact.

How we built it

Our team utilized Android Studio to create the project. For the majority of us, this was our first time with the program and a momentous learning endeavor.

Challenges we ran into

Naturally, we ran into a few challenges. A few include:

  1. Consolidating ideas and refining a mutual goal to complete.
  2. Employing a new set of tools to accomplish said goal.
  3. Honoing in to compile the project and merge each piece together to demo at the end of the scheduled hack period.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to make something new that can keep people safe! Hopefully, the app's service helps many users learn about safe drinking habits and assist others in riskier situations.

What we learned

how to make an android mobile app

What's next for Limit

We hope to predict when the user reached their alcohol consumption limit and warn them when they are hitting the danger zone and allow future suggestions in habit.

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