There was an article in the Icelandic newspaper that it costs $200 million to run the pension fund in Iceland, I found this way to much and thought I could setup a pension fund using Smart contract, I started investigating and quickly found out, pension funds can only invest in specific type of securities and crypto coins/tokens is not one of them. I searched for a service that you can use blockchain to buy securities on the market, where you own the underlying asset. I didn't really find any that suites. So I decide to build it.

What it does

Allows you to use crypto token (USDC/aUSD) to buy securities on stock exchange and writes those bought positions onto the blockchain.

How we built it

It's build with Solidity, the backend is running on Moralis, and there is a little c# application, which is temporary as I couldn't implement Chainlink in time.

Challenges we ran into

I've been living in the .net world for 20 years and I'm spoiled. I had many wtf moments going through this. Found out that google is not really good search engine when you are looking for a very specific thing. I had trouble with Chainlink setup and ended abandoning it to be able to turn this project in time. Using node.js and all those packages and understanding how that works, was something new and setting up the environment and managing that was a challenge. Solidity it self was very nice and simple and easy to do.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I hit so many roadblocks doing this, that I have learned amazing amount of things during this process. See it it all come together is something to be proud of.

What we learned

Solidity, Moralis, node.js, vscode, hardhat, waffle, smock. How everything flows, understanding the blockchain better. Probably more then I realize.

What's next for

Development isn't done, following is what I want to do

  • proxies for contracts
  • remove web bridge to write to blockchain and use Chainlink
  • go from erc20 to erc777 (this I need it look into if it's better)
  • support transfer, transferFrom, approve, allowance on security token
  • support sending security token to another security token, e.g. you have AAPL send it to AMZ, we will sell your AAPL and buy AMZ
  • support sending security token to another address as long as that address is KYC valid

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