Our story

Limelight is a RSVP (Rapid serial visual presentation) speed reading app for news articles that uses an open source API based on Spritz. We were inspired by Spritz’s mission to “change the way people read and make communication faster, easier, and more effective” - Spritz. Our target audience is people who want to read the news efficiently when they don’t have a lot of time.

Key feature

When reading, only around 20% of your time is spent processing content. The remaining 80% is spent physically moving your eyes from word to word and scanning for the next ORP (Optimal recognition point). This RSVP app give you back that 80%. With Limelight you could potentially read the news 5 times faster. The average person reads at about 220 wpm (words per minute) and Limelight lets you read at a maximum speed of 1000 wpm.

All features

  • We are powered by Mashery’s Guardian and USATODAY APIs.
  • RSVP (Rapid serial visual presentation)
  • ORP (Optimal recognition point)
  • Pause/Play
  • Jump back/forward a sentence
  • Menu dropdown
  • List of news topics
  • Wpm selector

Built With

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