Limbio is inspired by recent studies we've read about patients with mild to moderate carpal tunnel symptoms who are less likely to have to undergo surgery if they regularly practice exercises. Yet it's often hard to keep up with regular practice - patients forget, get lazy, etc.


Our goal is to provide patients with more accountability and structure to help them build this habit. However, we don't want the patients to mindlessly do the exercises and so we also provide feedback on whether or not they do the exercises correctly.


To give patients more structure, they're expected to perform the exercise within an hour time slot that they set aside for every day.


To make sure patients follow through, we'll send a text to a close contact to be notified that they have failed to perform the day's exercise. This adds a personal connection that is more likely to motivate the patient to keep on track.


To make sure patients actually do the exercise right, we provide real-time feedback on whether or not they have done the correct form. We only count repetitions that successfully complete the exercise.


  • Set and rep customization based on patient needs
  • Text reminders and warnings
  • Visual feedback


This is a node.js app with Myo integration

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