There are millions of pets in North America that need homes. Many of these pets are euthanized before they find a home. Even the smallest action can make a difference in the lives of homeless pets, and everyone can be a part of the solution, even a bot :)

What it does

Lily helps connect people with a pet they want to adopt by searching through a pet database. Looking to adopt a dog, for example? Enter location, size and gender to find a dog in your area that is ready for adoption.

How I built Lily

Lily is a serverless bot. It leverages the following AWS services: Amazon Lex and AWS Lambda.

Lily supports the FindPet intent. The Lambda function uses relevant information, such as, location, size and gender to query the pet database.

Lily uses Petfinder, the largest online pet adoption website serving all of North America. The company reports that it currently lists “more than 315,000 adoptable pets from nearly 14,000 animal shelters and rescue groups. 1

Challenges I ran into

I wanted to use Slack message formatting Slack Message Attachments to display the information in a more readable layout but the content type was causing issues.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I've really struggled to find time to work on this project but I was very proud to see it working.

What I learned

Amazon Lex + AWS Lambda empower developers to build chatbots quickly and easily. What I like the most was the ability to access AWS services from the Lambda function and this is controlled by the chatbot.

What's next for Lily

  • Add additional pets
  • Add additional intents (findShelter, adoptRequest)
  • Implement response cards
  • Improve user experience and natural language

Why Lily

I built this bot in memory of my little dog Lily.

Built With

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