Major accomplishments this week on the Lily Pad game including accomplishments in art and animation, as well as in development. In art and animation, our team has finished modeling and rigging all the main characters and background characters. They have also finished texturing, so the look and feel of the Lily Pad game is really beginning to come to life. Finally, all animation and art assets have been moved into Unity. With regards to development, the game mechanics are now set-up and functioning properly, including the ability to shoot down fruit and flow down the river.

Challenges including attempting to get Unity 5 to work on the GearVR, creating unique touch and swipe interface on the GearVR, creating fruit drops, as well as creating tween pathing for both the lily pad and camera controls. Overall, our developers are working to set up the GearVR mechanism properly so that it is functional with the work flow of the animators. To overcome challenges surrounding light, the developer team is limiting light sources by baking shadows and using probe lights for illuminating the scene. Finally, they are making decisions about how to properly design the game with optimization in mind, and to mitigate future challenges.

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